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How to cook Frozen Ramen!?


It is "DOUBLE VACUUMED" to keep it fresh. When cooking, don't forget to remove the inner package before cooking!


Step 1 : Let’s get started!

Open the bag, put the frozen ramen in the pot, heat on high and cover with a lid for about 7 mins!(Heat on medium if cooking without a lid)


Step 2 : Occasionally…

Open the lid to gently loosen the noodles.


Step 3 : Almost done!

After all the toppings have softened and the noodles are loosened, let it simmer for another minutes and turn off the heat.Ready to eat! ENJOY!!

全ての具が溶けて麺をほぐしたら、ひと煮立ちさせたら火を止めます。 丼に移してお召し上がりください。



●For ideal cooking, a pot 6.5-7.5 inches (17-19cm) in diameter is suitable. Larger sizes will reduce the soup before the entire product melts.使用する鍋の大きさは、直径6.5-7.5インチ(17cm-19cm)サイズが適しています。これより大きいサイズは、商品全体が溶ける前にスープが減ってしまいます。

●Covering with a lid helps to dissolve the whole mixture and prevents the soup from reducing.蓋をすると全体が溶けやすくなりスープの減少を防ぎます。

●Once the whole mixture has melted to a certain degree, remove the chashu. When the ramen is ready, top with the chashu and enjoy. It will taste even better.全体がある程度溶けたらチャーシューを取り出し、ラーメンが出来上がってから盛り付けるとさらに美味しくお召し上がりいただけます。


⚠Do not leave the fire source while cooking and be careful of burns.調理中は火元を絶対に離れず、火傷には十分ご注意ください。

⚠Please note that the noodles would get soggy, also soup become less in amount if you continue to cook for a long time.長く調理し続けると麺が伸びたり、スープが少なくなる可能性があります。ご注意ください。


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History about product / Where to buy

Frozen ramen is a new type of ramen that has been developed as a result of our desire to have everyone enjoy delicious ramen even under the severe conditions of COVID-19.

It doesn't take much time to cook, the ingredients are the same as the ramen provided at our restaurant, and we have made various efforts to make it as close as possible to the quality of the restaurant, so please try it at home.

Before COVID-19, there were social issues such as single-use plastic and excess packaging. I take care of two children, and with the importance of topics such as global climate and SDGs, I believe that corporate growth cannot be achieved without a sustainable growth strategy.

We are aware of the problem of increasing the amount of packaging waste generated by food delivery, and frozen ramen has simplified packaging to the limit.

It would be a great pleasure if you could feel not only the taste but also our idea of ​​making a better change in society through frozen ramen.


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