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You can also purchase frozen ramen the stores below:

Menya Raizo(W broadway×Cambie)

Zakkushi on Main(King Edward×Main)

Sake Dining Hashigo(Granville ×Drake)

The price may vary at these locations below:

Japan Konbiniya Centre(Robson st,Vancouver)

Fujiya Clark (E Vancouver)

Fujiya Richmond

Fujiya Downtown

Fujiya Victoria(Victoria Island)

Izumiya Japanese Marketplace(Richmond)

Kululu Cafe(Squamish)

TAKENAKA(E Vancouver)


Well Seasoned(Langley)

The Drive Canteen(E Vancouver)

Les amis du Fromage(E Vancouver)

No 1.Fine Foods store(Burnaby)

Yama Cafe(E Vancouver)

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History about product

Hiroshi Yoshida


Frozen ramen is a new type of ramen that has been developed as a result of our desire to have everyone enjoy delicious ramen even under the severe conditions of COVID-19.

It doesn't take much time to cook, the ingredients are the same as the ramen provided at our restaurant, and we have made various efforts to make it as close as possible to the quality of the restaurant, so please try it at home.

Before COVID-19, there were social issues such as single-use plastic and excess packaging. I take care of two children, and with the importance of topics such as global climate and SDGs, I believe that corporate growth cannot be achieved without a sustainable growth strategy.

We are aware of the problem of increasing the amount of packaging waste generated by food delivery, and frozen ramen has simplified packaging to the limit.

It would be a great pleasure if you could feel not only the taste but also our idea of ​​making a better change in society through frozen ramen.


Other Stores

Zakkushi on Denman (823 Denman st,Vancouver)

Zakkushi on Main (4075 Main,Vancouver)

Menya Raizo (401 W Broadway,Vancouver)

Torizo ramenbar (1265 Granville st,Vancouver)

Franklin×Woodland Dr


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